Electrocardiography Technician (ECG)

The role of the Electrocardiography Technician is a vital part of any integrated medical health care provider. This certification can be a valuable extension to one’s existing medical credentials or simply to allow one an entry into the medical field.
Upon completion of the course the student will get proficiency and certification necessary to work with EKG equipment, identify the presence of gross pathology and the necessary steps required when it is identified.
Complete course covers the theory and practice of Electrocardiography. 52 hours of classroom and clinical training are required to complete the course.  Fully equipped classrooms are available in our facility to accommodate required clinical training.


The Electrocardiography Technician certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.


Weekday and weekend classes available!


Employment Opportunities
Electrocardiography Technicians may be employed by medical offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, and insurance companies (conducting home visits).


Morning, Evening and Weekend Classes Available! Call us now to start electrocardiography technician program! No High School Diploma No GED Required. Simply take an easy entrance exam to qualify!


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